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We're a place just for girls. Always and Tampax present BeingGirl, where it's totally cool to have questions about growing up. That's why we've created a fun. BeingGirl is a "kid-friendly" web site targeted at adolescent girls created in by consumer goods company Procter & Gamble (P&G). It provides information  Launched ‎: ‎July ; 16 years ago. Wondering what your first period is even going to be like? Check out this video with Sarah and Amy to find out. If your period comes closer than three weeks apart, check it more Dear BeingGirl Experts, I got my period on Sunday, and it was a little bit of blood. Millions of girls and women use tampons daily. Is it normal to have your period twice in a month? Bladder Leak Protection Leaks can't stop you now! It can be from your thighs rubbing together, or a piece of clothing that rubs against you, etc. Is this normal, or can I prevent it? Retrieved April 23, Dear Sarah, You and all of your friends are going to have to deal with this situation for many years, and I think you are asking how to be discreet kostenlose reitspiele. Every girl has her own unique internal timetable. We Care About the Environment Sustainable Manufacturing You Can Help: I was thinking about trying tampons and wanted to know—does it hurt everyone the first time? Retrieved from " https: Inbound marketing , Self care. If you are having problems removing your tampon, make sure you use the lowest absorbency tampon for your flow, leave the tampon in from 4—8 hours, and make sure you pull the tampon out at the same angle that you used to insert it. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. This is used for inbound internet marketing of its products, being judged by co-author of social technologies book Groundswell , Josh Bernoff, as being four times as cost-effective as advertising. Also, if you tug on the string and the tampon doesn't start to pull out, you may need to leave it in a more I'm afraid I'll start at school. Retrieved 24 January

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My First Period Always Pads for Period Protection. This page was last edited on 17 July , at From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Semenik 26 June Dear BeingGirl Experts, What other forms of internal menstrual protection did women use before tampons were introduced? being girl

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